Clare State Primary School

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The Clare School was opened on 6 February 1950 with sixteen pupils. The classroom was a standard prefabricated masonite hut of the type used by the IWS(Irrigation and Water Supply - now DPI) for their staff and construction workers. Joe Houston was the first teacher and he taught there for two years.

A couple of years later a building was transported from the Pioneer Mill on the back of a truck and became the new Clare School. It was gazetted The Clare State Primary School on 4th February 1952. Later the school was significantly expanded by the addition of a new wing from the Maidavale School forming an L shaped building. The application for the addition was submitted in August 1952.

The original prefabricated school building was dismantled in October 1953.

First Christmas breakup 1950 with the original prefabricated school building.


Clare School just transported from the Pioneer Mill with the old provisional school in the background (Early 1952).
Twelve months later the old building was removed and the front building had a new wing added to form an L shaped building.


Over the years the school has been expanded but the building from the Pioneer Mill is still in use (arrowed) as a staff room.


Father Christmas (Pop Tiller who arrived on a Fergie tractor), Rene Tiller and Joe Houston, the first teacher (1950).


Santa arriving on sleigh towed by Fergie tractor in front of school building.


Two photos follow that also claim to be the first Clare School and from several sources but the buildings don't seem to match with what we know is true.
Any further feedback appreciated.

Also there is a Clare School that commenced in 1921 and closed in 1924 on a cattle property called Clare in South Western Queensland, that the State Archive records have confused with our Clare in North Queensland. Perhaps one of the pics below could be that school?



Old Admission Registers for the Clare State Primary School are available from the State Archives that comprise registers compiled by the Head Teacher of all student admissions for the Clare State School. The registers contain the following details for each student: number of entry in the admission register; date of admission to the school; pupil's name in full with the surname appearing first; age at time of admission; date of birth; parent's name; occupation and residence (in full); religious denomination; grade the pupil was admitted to; date of leaving school; and date of return to school.