The Clare area originally was known as the "Burdekin Crossing" or "Hamilton's Crossing". In 1877 it was renamed "Mulgrave", and then on 20th July 1882, was changed again to "Clare" by Alcott Tulley who named it Clare after one of his family.

The year 2012 therefore marks the 130th anniversary of Clare receiving its name. According to a group of 200 revellers this is another excuse for a reunion which is scheduled for Sunday 29th April 2012.

The reunion is to be held the weekend before the Labour day long weekend. There are already many local events booked for the long weekend so it was decided to have the reunion the week before the maximise the number of local people who are able to attend.

The reunion is over and here are some pics

How can I contact the organisors of this event:

Keep in touch by using Facebook: Clare Reunions

"Back to Clare" Reunion 2012

130 years since Clare was named "Clare".

Sunday 29th April 2012 10:00AM to 10:00PM

Clare Sports and Recreation Club (possibly)
Cnr Nelson & Satchel Streets, Clare.

Who is invited:
People who live in Clare or have had an association with Clare. Over 200 are exepcted to attend.

Food and Drinks:
Being determined

No Bus is being organised for this event

Government Grant to add names to the Clare Park memorial.
To remember the occassion we have applied for a grant to place a coloured mural on one of the side panels of the Memorial Wall in the Clare Park.
The grant only partially covers the costs and individual contributions are required also.

The names of pioneer families will be placed there for a donation of $100.00 as we need to contribute to the mural and also the tiles containing the Pioneers names. One wall will be for the pioneers and another for the names of families living int the Clare district for more than 20 years (or thereabouts)

What you need to do to include your family's name:
Send $100.00 payment to PO Box 23 Clare Qld 4807
Indicate whether this is a pioneering family or a more recent long term resident.
The name wanted on the tile: eg. T & F Roberts (limited to 15 characters including spaces) PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY!

The intention is to keep both list of names open so additional name scan be added later as requested.

Memorial Tiles (update):

If you can get the money to Judy Kierle by Friday (16 March) then the tile can be manufactured and installed before the reunion. After that there is someone else who will make the same tiles but they won’t be ready in time for the reunion.

The specifications of the tile have evolved and the new specifications are as follows:

· Each tile can accommodate up to three rows of text.

· Each line of text can be up to 15 characters but looks better up to 12 characters.

· You can also order “double height” tiles (ideal for families), they give you six lines of text.

· All text is upper case. A small C is available for McMullen etc.

· The normal tiles are $100 and the “double height”is $200.

Two categories of tiles are available “Pioneer” and “Resident”. They will be installed in different places on the memorial. Any family who lived at Clare prior to 1960 are “Pioneers”. Anyone else who has lived in Clare since that time for a good while eg. 20 years, can order a “Resident” tile. There is nothing in concrete, contact Judy for clarification.

.The tiles are not restricted to Farming families. For example: Many IWS employees and many long term labourers who contributed greatly to the development of the area also. So it doesn’t matter what you did or where you came from, just that you were there.


Sample tile with matchbox for comparison.

Saturday Hill climb:

A group are climbing Mt Dalrymple on the Saturday (28th April 2012). In the 2011 reunion a group of six conquered the mountain without incident, although the climb is not without some danger.

Warning: The grass to the base of the mountain has recently been burnt. The snakes are still angry. The ascent is reasonably steep and care is needed in some places. You have to be self-sufficient with provisions including food and water. If someone was injured it would be very difficult to carry them out, even to a chopper pickup point. Once it got dark it would be impossible to move someone on the slopes.

We start just after light in the morning and return just before dark.

Good boots, lace up. During last year's hike it was found that elastic sides sided boots will quickly give you blisters and are not suitable.
Joggers are OK but offer little protection. Gators and jeans are a must for basic snake protection.

Sandwiches. dried fruit, oranges, nuts etc.

Last year the walk was in a cooler time of the year and each climber drank four litres of water. The hike this year will be at a hotter time of the year so bring six litres of water each.
To avoid cramps and also depleting of electrolytes, you will also need something like Staminade (powder) or alternately the chemist version both of which you add to a cup of water as required. Last year a couple of climbers suffered from cramps.

More information will be posted soon.