There have been a variety of documents, publications and other references sources that have recorded Clare's history.

  • Various documents are stored in the State Archives (, these are generally State Government documents like Irrigation & Water, Police, Education etc.
  • A small selection of documents are also available in The Queensland State Library (John Oxley).
  • The local newspapers have some archived articles relating to Clare's early days. ( )
  • In 1994, John Kerr published a book Black Snow and Liquid Gold. Although this book focuses on the whole Burdekin region there are many references to Clare. The "Black snow" reference describes the gently falling cane trash ash after a cane fire and the "liquid gold" is a reference to irrigation water which the area relies upon. This book was printed by Merino Lithographics. ISBN 0 646 17876 8 (pbk) ISBN 0 646 17877 6 (hbk)

And then there is the "informal history" compiled by local residents that is sadly lost over a period of time.

Mary McDonald's account of Clare written in 1959.
Mary gave an overview of Clare's past and the difficulties the farmers had in those early years.

A booklet written by Clare residents in 1982 to celebrate "The first 100 years".
This booklet gives a comprehensive account of the formation of Clare. Its release was accompanied by a reunion of past Clare residents of several hundred people

The Golden Jubilee of the Clare State Primary School in 2000.
This booklet (and reunion) celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Clare School.
The first school was tempory and constructed by local farmers so their children could be educated.

Joan Auer, a resident of Clare has compiled two books:
Clare Sports & recreation Club inc. 1950 and beyond.
This booklet records the history of the Clare Club, the officials and many of the patrons.

and also

Burdekin Valley Parish, Past & Present
Joan prepared this booklet for the 20th anniversary of St Joseph's church in Clare.
There has obviously been much effort put into this publication, it is well organised and easy to read.
It provides a good account of the Catholic Church in the early days of Clare up to present day.